Warpath To Mayhem Fights Put Crowd on Edge of Their Seats With Anticipation

By Alohi Kani-

At the Warpath To Mayhem, Kauai Cage Match no.13, there was definitely plenty of “mayhem” to be witnessed, and it was an action-packed event that had the crowd crying out for more. Being one of the most, if not the most professional and organized fights on the island, Mayhem had a lot to offer for both fighters and audience alike. Sponsors included X1 World Events, Ainofea, RK Sports, Jamz 98.1, DMK Welding Service, King Auto Center, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Scrapa, and Shredco, to name a few.

The sport event, which took place at the Kauai Beach Resort in Wailua, Kauai, HI, offered excellent seating, air conditioning, food and drink, and an array of Ainofea and other merchandise related to the event. Video clips from previous cage fighting events were played, and there was a DJ who featured electronica, club, and other kinds of modern music. Trainers from different dojos and gyms practicing in MMA, kick boxing, pankration, etc. from Kauai and Oahu were there to represent their fighters and to promote their businesses, including Leben FS, Disciples of Puhi, BullsPEN, Full Armor, Nu Era Jiu Jitsu, Pure Jiu Jitsu, Team MMAD, M-1 Oahu, HI Bred, Hawaiian MMA, New Breed, Marverick MMA, 808FF, White Robe, and WOMMA.

The Mayhem experience represents a change of tide here on Kauai, as is evident in the growing popularity of MMA and other fighting styles on the island. The change is a welcome one, bringing not only the excitement of live sports events to the people, but providing a positive and success-driven outlet through which individuals of all ages and backgrounds can showcase their skills. On this note, diversity was something to admire at the event, as was shown with the first fight between high-school aged fighters Chase Cottrell and Alika Augustin, as well as female fighters Kekai Kozlowski and Chelsea Pabo.

The fights consisted of three, two minute rounds each,with several great highlights. The very first fight, between the young Chase Cottrell and Alika Augustin, resulted in a quick win for Augustin. Clearly there was an obvious amount of effort and training from both opponents, which is admirable considering that  both Cottrell and Augustin are so young, it could have easily been both opponents’ first experiences cage fighting. Chelsea Pabo’s skills were clearly well-honed as she delivered a significant amount of head shot-punches and a lot of body shot-kicks. Pabo won with what seemed like minimal effort, scoring yet another victory since her last fight a few months ago.

Towards the end of the event, there was an interesting pairing up in the fight between Daymon Carr and Brady Spirigliozzi. Carr is tall and clearly has a great deal of reach, making it easier to avoid shots by Spirigliozzi while delivering some significant blows at the same time. However, despite this reach, Carr absorbed a huge amount of blows from Spirigliozzi who was a powerhouse fighter; each blow was hard and could be heard from the stands. Any other opponent would have been crushed. Every time Carr got an opportunity he flew with it, until finally he took Spirigliozzi in for a take-down, and scored a victory. 

Most memorable, however, was the battle between Jonah Estrella and Hirotome Ito, which in the beginning was looking favorable for Estrella. However, the tables did turn and rendered Estrella laying on the ground with his back to the audience, up against the cage. He appeared to be unconscious, however, thankfully Estrella recovered after a few minutes. Hirotome Ito left the ring as the victor.

Read below for the complete results of the fights:

Fight no.1: 115 lbs Amateur Kickboxing

Chase Cottrell (White Robe) v. Alika Augustin (WOMMA)

Winner: Alika Augustin

Fight no.2: 130 lbs Amateur MMA

Jeff Nojo (Lebens FS) v. Dominic Abalos (Disciples of Puhi)

Winner: Jeff Nojo

Fight no.3: 180 lbs Amateur Pankration

Marlon Calventas (BullsPEN) v. Kai Tomacoor (Full Armor)

Winner: Marlon Calventas

Fight no.4: 145 lbs Amateur MMA

Pablo Garcia (Nu Era Jiu Jitsu) v. Stenten Boisner (Pure Jiu Jitsu)

Winner: Pablo Garcia

Fight no.5: 135 lbs Amateur MMA

Shawn Tsutsumi (Team MMAD) v. Joe Gogo (M-1 Oahu)

Winner: Joe Gogo

Fight no.6: 125lbs Women Amateur Kickboxing

Kekai Kozlowski (HI Bred) v. Chelsea Pabo (Disciples of Puhi)

Winner: Chelsea Pabo

Fight no.7: 145 lbs Amateur MMA

Tyler Vaughn (Hawaiian MMA) v. Timmy Teves (New Breed)

Winner: Timmy Teves

Fight no.8: 170 lbs Amateur MMA

Daymon Carr (Team MMAD) v. Brady Spirigiliozzi (Leben FS)

Winner: Daymon Carr

Fight no.9: 160 lbs Amateur MMA

Jonah Estrella (Team MMAD) v. Hirotome Ito (Leben FS)

Winner: Hirotome Ito

Fight no. 10: 133lbs Amateur Belt

Cornado Martin (Marverick MMA) v. Shayne Biven (808FF)

Winner: Shayne Biven





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