Swing through Jungle Treetops on the Outfitters Zipline Tour

By Alohi Kani

      There is no better time for adventuring than on a sunny day in paradise, especially on the Iki Mua zipline tour. Lead by two tour guides from Outfitters Kauai, based in Poipu Beach, friend of The Kauai Voice, Ward Thomspon, and a small group of visitors and locals alike, went out into the jungle of Kipu Ranch to see what the Iki Mua zipline was all about. The Iki Mua, or “Little Brother” in Hawaiian, includes numerous ziplines that are all unique in their own way, including the Luna, Zippel, and Treehouse, just to name a few. The very first zipline, the Luna, is an accelerated, heart-racing ride through jungle foliage, followed by the Zippel zipline, known for its view of Banyan trees located above a waterfall. The journey continues with the Treehouse zipline, and each part of the experience is just as impressive physically as it is visually. Riveting and unlike anything that most people experience in their lifetimes, the zipline tour is definitely a must. Thomspon described the experience as “interesting,” “beautiful,” “exciting,” and “fun.”

     Before going out on the tour, the guides, Alex and Dee, alerted everyone to safety precautions and basic preliminary zipline instructions, such as how to repel down different types of platforms and how to take off backwards and rotate back with your feet in the air for a breathtaking upside down ride down the cliffside! Everyone was informed about the the emergency brake system attached to the line and harnesses for backup security. The guides were informative, personable, extremely helpful, and willing to answer any questions.

      Interesting stories were shared about the location of the tour as well. For example, the cliffs nearby supposedly represent the locations of deceased Hawaiian kings, or mo’i. It is said that long ago, men were assigned to repel down the cliffside to hide the remains of the mo’i inside of caves, tucked far away from society. Then, to ensure the secrecy of each king’s final resting place, these men were forced to leap from the cliffs and fall to their death. Apparently, ziplines hadn’t been invented yet—although that may have been helpful to the situation.

     The Outfitters zipline tour is highly recommended, but be prepared for long and possibly warm van ride to the scenic zipline location. The experience is unique, and it’s something that anybody can try. If you have ever wondered, “Do I have what it takes to go on a zipline?” then never fear, because Outfitters encourages everybody of all skill levels, from beginners to experts, to try out their tour. Not only that, but there are all kinds of great tours at Outfitters, a little bit of something for everyone!

To find out more information about how to book your Outfitters zipline tour today, visit kauaitoursdirect.com or simply call one of Kauai Tour Direct’s friendly agents today at: 808-652-5496.

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