Kauai Meets Europe At the Hemingway Cafe

Art Café Hemingway: Europe on Kauai

World travelers seeking European-style comforts in the tropical setting of Kauai need look no further than Art Café Hemingway, situated in a bright blue two story building right off the main highway in Kapa’a town. I stopped in to get a taste of the Hemingway’s food and ambiance, and left feeling satisfied.

Like myself, the owners of the café are clearly coffee enthusiasts, dedicating an entire page of their menu to their coffee machine, grind, roast of beans, and other pertinent information. My iced latte was perfectly refreshing, although I think I would have liked an extra shot of espresso to kick up the coffee taste. I also tried a hot Americano which prooved to be nice, dark and strong.

As for the food, everything in the café is homemade – I started with a finely chopped salad, topped with sautéed mushrooms and thin slices of pancetta – a great accent to the gorgonzola dressing, which was phenomenal. The gorgonzola was strong and delicious but not overbearing. Next, I tried the bruschetta with goat cheese, roasted pine nuts and homemade tomato relish, a different take on traditional bruschetta, but completely delicious. However, I would have preferred a stronger goat cheese to offset the sweetness of the tomato relish. The bread, soft in the center with a crispy crust, was baked to perfection in-house and can be pre-ordered to take home as well.

The Art Café Hemingway is a must for anyone with discerning tastes. Go early, as their fresh baked pies and quiches usually sell out by the early afternoon, and don’t forget to check out the art gallery upstairs!

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