Jonathan Moeller bikes cross-country to raise funds for the International Justice Mission

By Hali Winthrop

To advocate against “the heinous act of rape for profit,” Moeller is biking 3200 miles across the country to support the International Justice Mission (IJM), an organization working towards bringing justice to those affected and victimized by sexual violence and slavery. Moeller, a North Shore Kauai native, has taken on this expedition after comprehensive research as well as 100 percent heart in his journey and belief in this cause. He began his quest in San Diego, California on February 20, 2012, and ended in Virginia Beach on April 6th after 45 challenging days. Moeller’s goal was to earn one dollar for every mile on his ride and surpassed that by reaching over $3400 towards a cause and organization that he believes in so wholeheartedly. This is not the first time that Moeller has raised funds for IJM either. In 2010, he kayaked around the island of Kauai in hopes of helping them, which sparked his need to do more and therefore led him to set out on his momentous biking voyage. Moeller was able to end his journey at the headquarters of IJM in Washington D.C. and meet the people behind the cause that he had worked so hard for.

For more information on Jonathan Moeller’s quest, you can check out his Facebook page, at or his blogspot Also, checkout the Garden Island for a more in-depth look at this story:

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