Good Vibes, A Fun View of The Heart of Kapa’a and Fantastic Eats at the Olympic Cafe

Looking for a fun, relaxing place to eat, we decided on the Olympic Café in the heart of Kapa’a town, just across the street from the ABC store and the Dragon Building. The Olympic Café looks welcoming, like a place where you wouldn’t mind hanging out to have some good food. We parked on the street across the way from the Café, though we did admire the generous parking area located behind the restaurant.

The waitress was friendly and all smiles when she approached us at our table by the streetside. I ordered a coffee and my friend Dane ordered a coke, and then we took a look at the gigantic menu. That was our first observation about the restaurant; the menu was very large and also had accommodating prices. Finally we decided, after a little hemming and hawing, to go for the Avocado Brie Panini for Dane and the Blackened Chicken Wrap for myself.

As the food was being prepared, we had fun people-watching and were entertained by flat screen TVs over the bar area as well as great music by the Rolling Stones. The sports bar theme, along with the music, definitely created a nice laid-back, open-air atmosphere. The place was spacious and the architecture of the Café was fun, with high arching beams similar to that of a barn-house.

The food arrived quickly; we were hungry and the meal was definitely satisfying. A great chili aioli sauce came on the side with Dane’s meal was included in my wrap as well; it was mild and not very spicy, and although I enjoy spicy food, Dane was happy that it was mild. The presentation of the food was clean, with simple garnishes that added a nice touch to the look of the food. Dane at all of his meal, but I took the rest of mine home simply because the portions are so generous. Dane commented, “The restaurant view next to the street is a perfect perch for people-watching and gives you a sense of the island lifestyle.” Overall, the environment, friendly and fast service, and the wide variety of food and beverage provided a positive experience, and I would definitely like to go back to the Olympic Cafe again.


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