Adele’s Heart Melts In The Flames Of The Rain

Adele- “Set Fire to the Rain” (*****5 stars out of 5)

Soul, pop genres

To be expected of Adele, this song is about love, and not just any kind of love of course; this is a song about lost love. The official music video, which can be found on YouTube, explains that this song is about “foolish love,” a love that one cannot let go of although they know it is not “the real thing.” This song feels so real and so painful when you listen to it, despite the beauty of the sound, because more likely than not Adele herself experienced just this type of heartbreak. Adele told Rolling Stone, in a personal interview, that she cannot sing unless she is sad. Her sadness is usually the result of a bad breakup, which, according to her, is continual. When you listen to “Set Fire to the Rain,” the powerhouse lyrics are so personal and so stunning that it will make you get goose bumps and cry. It will seem as if you have been struck with some kind of strange musical fever; when this happens you then will understand this song’s true power. The words, “But there’s a side to you that I never knew, never knew/There were things you say that were never true, never true,” and “The games you play and you always will, always will,” channel the singer’s pain. “I set fire to the rain, I watch it pour as it runs down past your face/Let it burn while I cry because I heard him screaming out your name, your naa-aaa-mmmeee,” tells us everything we need to know to want to cry for Adele too.




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